Posted below is some of the correspondence surrounding several years of dealing with (a few good and many useless) public-funded Province of Ontario bureaucrats and politicians with regard to Huron Industrial Park, formerly RCAF Station Centralia. In 1967, the Canadian Forces base was transferred from the Government of Canada to the Province of Ontario. The facility was operated by the Ontario Development Corporation for many years. Then the Province of Ontario decided to sell the property to one buyer. Tenants at Huron Industrial Park decided to form an association (HPITA) in an attempt to convince the Province of Ontario to sever/sell the Huron Industrial Park property to the current tenants. I spent over 3 years of my time and money lobbying various levels of government bureaucrats and cabinet ministers, along with municipal officials, provincial MPP's, federal MP's and a federal candidate who became the MP for the riding. It finally took several telephone calls and a letter to members of the Ontario Realty Corporation board (see below)to "shake things up".
Letters from Gnutti Ltd., Goderich Aircraft Inc., Exi-Plast Custom Moulding Ltd.